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GE Loop Calibrator


The GE Druck UPS III loop calibrator is rugged and extremely compact. Weighing just 275g, the HART® compatible GE Druck UPS III loop calibrator measures only 77 x 129mm. The GE Druck UPS III loop calibrator's small size, easy-to-read display, and simple-to-use time saving features make it an essential tool for loop calibration and troubleshooting, instrument maintenance, and valve set-up.

The measure / source range for the GE Druck UPS III loop calibrator is 0 to 24mA. In addition, 0 to 60Vdc can be measured for loop diagnostics and voltage output instrument maintenance. The accuracy of the GE Druck UPS III loop calibrator is 0.01% of reading, which is 20 times better than a typical DMM, and includes 12 month stability and temperature effects. Coupled with 0.001mA display resolution, the GE Druck UPS III loop calibrator provides optimum measurement certainty for even the most demanding applications. 


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